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Foundation Stage

These are the early years of education, beginning in the nursery and ending at the end of the reception year when the children will be five years old. Children of these ages study a curriculum in six areas:

Personal, social and emotional development.

In this area children learn to work together, to learn school type behaviour and begin the early stages of citizenship and religious education.

Communication, language and literacy.

This is where children begin to learn the skills necessary for reading and writing and begin to develop information and communication technology (ICT) skills. In the reception class children begin the national literacy strategy.

Mathematical development.

The beginnings of work in mathematics including the start of the national numeracy strategy.

Knowledge and understanding of the world.

In this area children are beginning the skills necessary for studying science, design technology, geography and history.

Physical development.

This area develops the children’s physical abilities preparing them for the PE curriculum in future.

Creative development.

Art, craft, music and role play are all covered in preparation for the art and design, music and drama curricula at the later stages. 

Much of the above is covered by activities that are planned meticulously by the teacher but are regarded as play by the children. As the key stage continues there will still be play activities but gradually work will become more formal so that by the last term in the reception class children will be spending a full hour each daily on English and mathematics as well as working at other subjects. (Please refer to teaching group pages for more information)

At Lostock Hall we have our own preschool nursery where through play and creative activities the children begin to follow the EYFS curriculum outlined above. Children may start from the term in which they turn 3 years old. The preschool classroom and outdoor area is situated within the EYFS area of the school building and the children take part in many of the whole school activities. This includes eating lunch in the hall and attending Friday celebration assembly and allows for a seamless transition from preschool to reception class. 

Lostock Hall Primary School

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